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We got the scoop from our Pilots on a recent Yacht Transfer trip in Walderick Wells Cay - The Exumas.

Seaplanes are the perfect means to access yachts and other remote locations! 
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Yacht Transfer with Tropic Ocean Airways Captain Ken White and SIC Oscar Hernandez.


Trip Details: We set out for a charter flight to pick up two passengers from the Dona Lola, a 130' Westport Motor Yacht, anchored in Warderick Wells Cay and bring them to Miami, FL. 

We departed from Tropic Ocean Airways headquarters in Fort Lauderdale in a Cessna Grand Caravan EX on Wipaire Floats.  We flew the seaplane about one hour to Fresh Creek, Andros Bahamas to clear customs then continued on to Exumas.

The approach to the yacht was straight forward as she was anchored in deep water at Warderick Wells in the Exumas.  The wind and current allowed a perfect setup to land on the starboad side of the yacht only about 50-60 yards away from her.  No repositioning was needed and we were in communication with the yachts Captain from approach to shut down. 
The transfer, when the guests were ready, only took a matter of minutes before we were ready to launch out for a quick island tour before turning for home.

What is it like in that part of Exumas?:  The Exumas truly are the jewels of the Bahamas, most of the islands are uninhabited and feature beautiful untouched shorelines.  Warderick is home of the Exumas Land and Sea Park and is a popular destination for sailing and motor vessels alike with several mooring locations for deep water craft.  The clear blue beautiful waters epitomise what travelers come to expect when visiting the Bahamas.  

Highlights from Capt. Ken White: The most interesting part of the trip for me was getting to run down the Exuma chain of islands.  Normally, a trip is from point A to B with little deviation but a flight to the Exumas isn't a trip you take in a straight line. 
From San Andros, we flew to Normans Cay, well North of Warderick and dropped down to a more scenic alititude, weaving down the shoreline South, taking in the view of the islands, the shallow sand flats, the bluffs and jagged edges on the east side of the island that stand in contrast to the sleepy beaches on the west.  This is a view and an experience you can only have on a seaplane in this island chain. 
Having then gotten a good look and mapping out a reurn path in my mind, I gave our guests the same great show, flying north again to Normas before climbing back to altitude for the trip onto Miami.  I believe they enjoyed it as much as myself and my first officer.  I always see smiles after a trip to the Exumas. 


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